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What type of resources do you have at your disposal to oppose issues such as ACTA/CISPA, etc?

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How do you just start a non-profit? Is it similar to just starting any other business? How did you start your non-profit? In terms of finances, applying for non-profit status, opening partnerships to help people, and even getting a few people on board to volunteer and help out.

I'm curious about the business logistics of starting a non-profit.

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I took AP History in high school. One of the essay questions was on something I hadn't studied and therefore had absolutely no clue about. At that point I was so tired of the test I just filled a few pages by making up a ridiculous war that never happened. I didn't even try to mask the absurdity and was mainly just entertaining myself at that point.

I somehow got like half credit for that insanity.

Did I just really amuse some teacher, or did I break some poor soul who was reading through 100's of these?

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I've been a twitch user for some years now, and I'm kind of baffled by your site. You guys try your hardest to enrage your fan base and make poor decisions all while expanding further because there's no viable alternative. You rose up to prominence based on the little guys, whether they be streamers or viewers and you seem to enjoy making their experience worse with no communication to those who use your site. A lot of this stuff could be semi-forgivable if you at the very least discussed it with your fan base before blindsiding them with it, and took feedback seriously. The Horror fiasco is another good example of you guys having 0 communication skills.

So lets go over some changes that are really questionable.

  • Delay increase. Really screwed viewer interaction, especially in smaller streams. You claim to be reducing it, and yet it still isn't rolled out.

  • Exploration. It's pretty much dead on Twitch. The amount of clicks and time it takes to get to low-view-count streams on popular games is absurd. You used to be able to just click on the last page and go backwards. Front page of twitch used to host random up and comers, now it's generally just big channels or events.

  • BTTV is an addon designed to improve Twitch. Without it I probably still wouldn't be using your site. It fixes things when you break them, it improves the UI, it has honestly made more forward progress for your site than you guys have if we're being honest. That all being said, it was shameful when you guys ripped the code of an older release, rebranded it GeoTTV (Which is allowed as long as credit is given to Night, which it was in a single line in the source code buried), and then you advertised against BTTV saying GeoTTV was superior even though it was Night's old code. Any comments?

  • Content ID. It's not accurate. Twitch is a megacorp now, you guys have bargaining power, and up until now you handled DMCA's on a case by case. To say you couldn't have tested the content ID system for accuracy better than what is currently released is bald-faced lies.

  • I like the bigger player being standard, but you guys removed 95% of customization options. That includes the stealth removal of stream backgrounds, as well as replacing custom info sections with the tiles that are often fickle and don't do what you want them to.

  • A lot of low-effort streams sift to the top now with no tools to get noticed besides luck and gimmicks. Basically, there's no on-site tools for community (Although the "Hosting" feature is a step in the right direction), are you looking to increase community tools? Overhauling the team pages would be a good idea, imo.

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If you have a one-man spaceship that's combat-ready, wouldn't that imply this is in a futuristic setting? Would not some of these issues be compensated for just through smart engineering and mandatory safety features at that point in time?

Things like:

suffer from radiation sickness

Wouldn't it be feasible to think that we'd have superior materials to shield from radioactivity?

Weapon requirements are based on conservation of energy - projectile weapons are modeled based on the requisite kinetic energy

Couldn't this be compensated for if a computer were programmed to adjust thrust to nullify most or all kickback from a projectile being fired in space?

you can be knocked out by centrifugal force from rotating too quickly

I could see this maybe being an issue if you're hit by a fast moving object, as it'd be out of your control, but couldn't a piloting system detect the amount of G's and compensate for safety?

I'm just curious because with the amount of technology we pour into military tech like jets, which would be considered archaic when compared to a space fighter, it seems rather negligent to make these things essentially death boxes.