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As a black person I find OP's position on /r/BlackPeopleTwitter to closely mirror my own. Many of the memes are relatable to me because I've either been in those situations or around people who behave as described in the memes. Lots of (most?) users browse, post, or comment there for harmless fun. But there are a couple aspects about the memes and reddit's history that leave me unsure how to feel.

  1. The grammar - The text is often written in black English vernacular, the same style of speech reddit is quick to look down on.

  2. Subject matter - The most obvious example of these is what happened on Thanksgiving under the hashtag #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies (Yes I know that was Twitter and this is reddit, but I'm going to assume some of this content was shared here. If I'm wrong just disregard this point.). Comebacks about weave, baby daddies, not paying bills, and any other stereotypes pop up and get wide applause. Sure they are funny in the right light but I can't tell how much is laughing at us versus laughing with us. I imagine whites would feel similar when someone non-white spends lots of time laughing at Stuff White People Like.

  3. History - People who know reddit knows it has the dubious honor of housing a number of racists and "I'm not racist, but--" types. Honestly I find it hard to give this site the benefit of the doubt.

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Hey Pablo! I used to watch the show all the time as a kid and remember having so much fun watching you all interact.

One somber memory from the show was watching the episode of Zoom that spoke about 9/11. What did it feel like to discuss that? Did you think about what it would mean for older kids like you guys to talk to younger kids (I was 7 when 9/11 happened) about the events? Honestly I don't recall details of the discussion, but I remember feeling like I was part of the conversation.

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Do you have any plans to join/start a group that works with abuse victims and provides them with support? I ask because your experience is so real and traumatic that I think many people could benefit from your knowledge.

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Well a lot of Democrats support exactly those same things.

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Congratulations Doctor!

I'm about to hit the postdoc job market this Fall and plan to apply to CfA. I noticed there are a few different fellowships available including CfA, Clay, and ITC. How did you decide which one to apply for?