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Hello Mr Burton!

Thank you for pushing to bring Reading Rainbow back, it was such an amazing thing. RR was the only reason I was interested in books as a child. Thank you for everything RR does for everyone, not just kids. I'm glad to see the kickstarter is going well, I'll be chipping in when I get paid on Friday. RR is worth, and deserves, ridiculous amounts of money as we definitely have such a need for this everywhere.

1) What about RR keeps you so passionate about it?

2) Will you make any more appearances on The Big Bang Theory?

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How exactly does Nomorobo block robocalls?

Just the other day I got a call from someone in India pretending to the the IRS and demanding that I "talk to her about my serious settlement issue" which considering the call came from a number in Florida and they spoke in broken English is just sad.

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Thanks for the answer and thanks for doing this. We definitely need less of these calls going around.

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Not who you're responding to with this, but I also get ones from different numbers but it is the same people. I have multiple of their numbers on my auto-reject list yet I still get calls from both the ignored and new numbers.