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You’ve been my favourite band since 2005 and I’m so excited that you’re doing this AMA! This is more of a side story but back in like 2010 you did a concert at the HMV on Queen West with a meet and greet after. I had got my wisdom teeth out about 20 hours before and was swollen and loaded up on T3’s and refused to miss it. During the signing Amy drew my face with my chipmunk cheeks on my cd and it meant so much to me! Thank you for that, I was ecstatic for days!

My question is what do you have a favourite song of yours? Or if not song, do you have a favourite album? and, who do you want to win the Toronto Mayoral Race? Oh and if it’s not too greedy, will you ever do a recording of Violent live?

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You're so handsome...

I love the work you're doing, I realized not everyone will switch to a vegetarian diet but it's the small steps that help.