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Not very. We want Tumblr to pick up where we left off.

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It refused to move nearer to Cuba, so we were all like "Talk to the hand, PR. Talk to the hand."

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Not at this time. Embers took 6 months to make... it was a big project, and beloved by all, but those teams are busy with other things right now. But we loved the project, so maybe we'll go that route again one day...

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I think the series could last quite a long time provided 2 things happen: 1, each game brings a unique gameplay innovation to accompany its setting, and 2, we reshape the present day setting to be more of a "context" and less "plot driven" so that people aren't constantly frustrated by a lack of resolution.

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This is a pretty long answer... you might search for some interviews we have given about this topic. But in general it stemmed from seeing the amazing work AC3 was doing on their Naval combat system...