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DapperPatience80 karma

Besides some of your comments that paint a positive outlook for Argentina in the 'new world order', I haven't really heard you comment much on the rest of Latin America. I would be interested to hear what your general view on LatAm, and more specifically the northern part of South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador), is? Might these countries benefit from a more insular USA given their geographical proximity? Might we see a repeat of the 'Monroe Doctrine' considering that China has been heavily investing, and in a sense going for a land grab, in a lot of these places?

On an unrelated note, what is your general perspective on Bitcoin and what role do you see a decentralized financial system playing in the 'new world order' that you describe? Do you agree/disagree with Robert Shiller's view that Bitcoin is akin to the 'bimetallism' fad of the late 19th century, and hence not something that will last?

Many thanks for the work that you're doing, looking forward to the new book!

DapperPatience16 karma

Appreciate the response Peter! Will be interesting how it all plays out, especially how the (likely) incoming inflation in the commodities sector might lead to a reshuffling of the regional politics.

Would've been interested in hearing your thoughts on Bitcoin, but I understand if it's outside your scope for this AMA.