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DankEngine185 karma

Hi Helen,

I am currently undergoing treatment in The Netherlands and was wondering what your thoughts are on a few different things.

First off, my therapist brought up the concept of rapid onset gender dysphoria a while back as something the jury is still out on. I have read that the study whereupon the concept of ROGD is based is flawed however as it suffered from a sampling bias. Similarly I have heard that some clinics adhere to Blanchard's typology of autogynephelia which I have also seen a lot of critiques of. With that my first question is: do you think these theories are worth considering? and if not, why do clinicians seem to be so withholding in disregarding them?

Secondly, one of the requirements (commonly) used for being eligible for HRT here is that you need to go through RLE (real life experience) living as your identified gender. With that my second question would be: do you see value in things like RLE as requirements for HRT and is there a risk in discouraging non-binary people from transitioning by basing RLE upon gendered stereotypes?