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This guy reddits

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I've gradually seen Coldplay move from Britpop to Pop, away from the accoustic guitar toward synthesizer to grossly simplify.

Though I like it I feel that it's become more commercialised myself, is this due to the band's tastes or is it genuinely just catering towards what sells? In their position I'd make what everyone wants rather than what I want given the old 'everybody hates Coldplay meme', that really only exist because no-one truly dislikes their music unless they're saying it for attention/to be the odd one out (UK only)

I'd love to have a album similar to Mansun's - attack of the grey lantern. So am I holding out hope that the guys will return to their old sounds irrationally?

I must admit the last album I didn't give a listen to after I heard one of the singles on the radio.

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I could see this coming, but I still laughed out loud when I read your sentence.

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"They" god damn it! your covers blown, get out of there now!

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Fuck yeah dude! I'll try and get In touch with him again to let him know you may well head his way.

I've since found a SoundCloud that someone's put together for him: https://m.soundcloud.com/basicbluesjones

But he'd do so well with your treatment. Thanks for the reply though, this has already made my day despite finding out my job might be at risk.