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Daniru3311 karma

Hi Dr/Senator Di Natale, I'm a Year 12 student from the NT currently writing a Legal Studies essay on reforming Australia's cannabis policy (particularly regarding its medicinal applications), so I'm really happy that you've decided to do this.

Firstly I understand that the Greens have pushed for this issue for some time now, and have now even achieved bipartisan support on the issue. However, do you believe the trials currently underway are simply delaying the supply of a medicine that has repeatedly been shown to be effective to many people currently suffering?

Secondly, I recently read that you are in support of a decriminalised approach (akin to the system in Portugal) to tackling drug-related issues in Australia. Coming from your experience in the medical field, could you expand on how such an approach could improve the way drug-related health issues are dealt with?

Thirdly, do you feel that legalisation and regulation of cannabis for recreational use could perhaps more effectively accomplish this, as it could also potentially reduce crime and increase tax revenue to then put into treatment? If not, could you elaborate on your position? BTW I'm not a user myself, so my stance on this isn't just some excuse to get high easier.

Thanks, I'm a huge supporter of the Greens and I'd be extremely appreciative if you could answer my questions.

Daniru338 karma

Thanks for the answers! Sorry that my questions were a bit broad, meaning you couldn't really go into detail. Thats fine though, I got some more depth from some of your other answers and here I've gotten some quotes for my essay from one of the few Australian politicians whom I genuinely and thoroughly respect.

Thanks a bunch, and know that you and the Australian Greens have my full support come my first federal election next year!