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Put a narwhal in there.

A game can't live without a narwhal.

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Hey man, just letting you know that you're off to a great start and you should keep going with your dreams.

Have there ever been any design issues or ideas that just didn't make the cut? Do you think you will implement anything new into the future?

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But that really wasn't feasible for a single person to create

Your limits are where you put them. Im sure you can do it. Im not much of a programmer, but I know that programmers tend to use little shortcuts and loopholes to do things. Please excuse me if what Im about to say makes no sense, as I dont have any programming knowledge. I asked a programmer friend for advice.

vision reduced to a certain radius

"Just put omnilight on the character. If he's able to adjust the level of light produced by the environment, it'd just be a matter of starting with barely any omnidirectional light on the character with most of the environmental values kept high.When the time comes to darken the world, reduce the value of the environmental light and increase the value of the character's omni/directional light." -Programmer friend

I just thought you could use the same interaction as you use for skins and include the surroundinf darkness on the player model. Seems a little silly but Im not a programmer.