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You have repeatedly appeared on Fox News programs during and after the US election, including Sean Hannity on January 3rd, 2017. Wikileaks has retweeted the program "Fox and Friends" multiple times, and you have appeared multiple times on it, including appearances in August of 2016. Further, wikileaks has retweeted and linked breitbart.com several times, including this one from november of 2016

Sean Hannity has called Chelsea Manning a "wikileaks groupie". There has been no apology, nor have you asked for one, despite the opportunity.

Fox and Friends repeatedly (and currently) mocks and deliberately misgenders Chelsea Manning. There has never been a retraction or apology, nor have you asked for one.

Breitbart.com has mocked, misgendered, and attacked Chelsea Manning specifically in this article, but also in many others. You have not asked for an apology or retraction, but endorse them via retweets.

Given this history of ignoring and remaining silent on the criticism of your publicly revealed source, do you feel like this is harming the possibility of future sources? Why should further leakers come to you if you're going to remain silent in their defense and prosecution? Why do you choose to de facto endorse programs and networks that are vile and vicious in attacking your former source?

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On twitter, you pushed a smear campaign based on John Podesta's brother attending an art show by an acclaimed performance artist Marina Abramovic. This campaign was used to try and link Hillary with Satanism and the occult.

Has anyone on your team heard of Abramovic? Does wikileaks as an organization think satanism is a legit issue to be bothered by?

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it's funny, I always see more workers than bosses where I am in the US

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You should read a People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn to see why economics and american imperialism have gone hand in hand for decades.