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DanceEnthusiast2 karma

Hello! Thank you for doing this ama! I have some questions. For a bit of background, Im a senior in NE working part time at my schools test reactor.

  1. I know you guys are required to like MCNP but I wanted to ask about your honest opinion between MCNP and Geant4

  2. My senior design focuses around accident tolerant fuel clad coatings and I wanted to ask if you guys have any coatings/coating methods that particularly pique your interests if any of you guys are familiar with the field?

  3. If any of you guys did NE for your undergraduate, how was your school life like? I only have my schools program to base off, and I want to know if everyone had it as hard as I have it now or if my program is just excessive.

  4. What would be the best things to do for an undergraduate to get a summer internship at los alamos?

  5. My understanding of transport is a little iffy, so I wanted to ask about how computational codes compute transport because I know computing transport is extremely difficult?

Thank you!