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Have you ever smoked the stuff yourself? If not, would you ever?

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I actually am a bit like you, I saw in a previous comment you started out in Programming but dropped it and pursed something still in computers. I remember doing the programming course for about a year and realized this really isn't my speed.

I have a degree in IT but kinda having trouble finding a job. Most places tell me I'm too green or when they ask for help desk I don't really have much experience in it. I did work for an MSP a few months before COVID happened and got laid off when it really hit the fan in the spring. My only experience so far is doing deployment both for that MSP and some contract work I had this past Spring.

Are there any tips or maybe something I can pursue with what experience I have? It's been really frustrating trying to get a job personally, I've tried recruiting agencies, Indeed/Ziprecruiter, etc but I feel like overall I just lack something to land a job.