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Yes, I can say that those allegations are 100% false, and the reason I know this is that as the only human involved in Puppy Bowl, it is up to me to personally inspect every single ball on the field. Unless, of course, they are neutered, in which case, I do not.

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No, we approached Katy Perry's cat - Kitty Purry - and that's true (for those that don't know, that is actually her cat's name) who were not available, so we have our own cat performer, named "Catty Furry." Some say she's better that Kitty Purry, but that's not for me to decide. The haters call her a copycat. I disagree.

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They retire, they often get endorsement deals, or they become commentators for ESPN.

(*But seriously - they are all adopted. This year we had 55 participate, and I am pretty confident all were adopted).

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Well, I don't have to ever drop it because the stripes -which I never stop wearing - give it away. So it can actually be awkward if they DON'T recognize me as the Puppy Bowl ref. And I am married, but my wife is - well, let's just say, she understands that it comes with the job that I'll get some attention from fans across the world, and that's okay.

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Here's what I'll say about that.

There are NO PEDs used whatsoever during Puppy Bowl. I know this for a fact, because the number one way to test for PEDs is urine samples, of which we have plenty.

Same goes for the cats. But you know, what the cats do in their spare time is none of my business. They are performers, and not athletes, so if they need an extra boost to get them through the grueling halftime show, then off the record - I support it. But that's off the record, yeah.