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Is there any plan for any sort of built-in WiFi Calling? One of the things I love the most about T-Mobile USA is that they bake in a very nice WiFi Calling feature into a lot of their stock ROMs. They have the source available here and I always like to point it out to developers whenever possible. The voice quality and clarity is really fantastic and it would be great to see this kind of technology be a bit more widespread (even if not this specific bit of code). Nothing beats having absolutely no signal at a friend's house but still being able to hop on their WiFi and make a crystal clear phone call. I encourage you guys to consider adding something like this in if you're not planning to already!

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Are there any regular cleaning procedures that are effective with prions? The hospital in referenced in the title is local to me and I've been following it closely; all reports seem to indicate they did their due diligence with the rented neuro equipment but that makes me wonder if there's anything at all one can to do sterilize equipment to prevent CJD contamination.

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4:30-5:00 every day whether I like it or not. My body has it out for me, I swear.

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"Spectrum" almost doesn't do the variety justice.. I have known 2 people in my lifetime with aspergers besides myself and I can very confidently state that none of us are even remotely like each other, a statement that has been validated by my mother & wife after diagnosis.

"What? Soandso has aspergers.. you're nothing like them.. you must not have it!" Both said the same thing regarding two different people.

Seems to be a frequent recurring theme for loved ones.. one that I'd politely suggest not doing anymore. :)

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I have a Kala KA-TE (Tenor Electric) with Aquila strings that I really love the sound of.