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Why lettuce and not, say, soy or corn?

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What are the caloric returns of lettuce rather than corn? Dumb guy question, but people say lettuce is calorically negative - it takes more calories to consume than you get from eating it. Is this a myth? Surely, you have looked at this, and the answer is favourable for lettuce?

Also: Is there something about corn or soy that makes it not work in space?

Also two: Thanks for doing the AMA. This is fascinating to me.

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Do you earn any money from "Big Chicken" to do what you do?

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Another question: Let's say someone from NASA calls you and says they have allocated 50 pounds/25 kilograms to you on the next manned Mars mission. They will take whatever you tell them to. What would you recommend to make the life of colonists the easiest?

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You mention plant variety. If it isn't lettuce what is the next best option?