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I went to one of these schools the spring of my 7th grade year in 1972. It was called Accelerated Christian Education. It was a joke in terms of learning. We had "packets" for each course. I finished the last half of my 7th grade year and all of the 8th grade packets in one semester. I had a 98% average. I did not learn diddly.

At my school one had to earn privilege levels each week - one either had an A, and AC or an ACE (the initials standing for Accelerated Christian Education). Privileges were earned based on how many packets you finished, books you read and special projects.

The instructors were just glorified baby sitters. Not one had a teaching certificate.

We had (sometimes quite long) chapel worships every day. Basically like a full church service each day.

P.E. was held three times a week by driving out to a public park where we played. Rain or shine, get out of the bus and go do something kid. No supervision. I got into several fights with no punishment. We threw a kid over an embankment once, he fell into a creek and almost drowned.

I have never been able to forgive my parents for sending me to that hellhole.

(edit for additional info on "P.E. class".)

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You say the penal system is violent, corrupt and destroying lives.

That sounds like... you. Regardless of why you did what you did stabbing people, using connections, cash and other mechanisms not available to the general population to get out of jail, etc. seems to qualify you as the core reason jails exist and are terrible places.

So tell me this: why should we give a shit about the penal system being the way it is? Why shouldn't we just clamp down even harder on the criminal element?

Note that I don't necessarily feel this way, but it's an argument I hear constantly about crime and criminals.

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Did you experience any post traumatic stress issues after WWII? My father was also a WWII bomber pilot (A-20 Havocs in the Pacific Theatre) and had a number of long term issues.

Also, thank you for your service.