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It's actually really surprising that there hasn't been a documentary made on GDP from anyone since the scandal first came to light. VICE, PBS's Frontline, CBS's 48 Hours, ABC's 20/20, NBC's Dateline, CTV's W5 are all shows that come to mind that could tackle this story.

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How many years were you expecting Garcia to get? Only time will tell if Mr. Garcia will come out a change man after 20 years. Even if he does change he will still have to live with the consequences for what he has done. Not sure he will be able to support himself financially once he gets out. It'd be tough to get a good job for a person with a serious criminal record.

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Nobody is here is doxxing anyone. Why don't you mind your own business. I was asking Charles questions not YOU. You want to bud your nose in and answer questions then start your own AMA.

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Will more people be charged? Pratt has been on the fun for close to two years. Is Wolfe, Moser, Teddy Gyi see the same fate as Garcia? Before the company got shut down they supposedly had hundreds of more videos that never got released. What happens to the footage and who destroys it?