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I have a talking chihuahua from that era, and the batteries are still going strong!

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Do you separate the recyclables from trash? How much organic matter do you collect inadvertently?

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Has anyone ever called the cops on you for looking suspicious? There was a minivan parked across the street from my house two days in a row. I knew it didn't belong to any of my neighbors on my street. Never saw anyone get in or out of it, either. So I walked up to it one morning as it pulled up, asked the guy "can I help you?" And he was all rude like "none of your business". So I called the cops. I have 3 kids, last thing I need is some creepy tinted out van parked in front of my house. Sheriff explains to me he's apparently a PI. But since the driver was such a prick, I stopped at every single house within viewing distance to warn them. Lesson: be nice, or I'll blow up your spot!

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No. They precook the meat and seal it in bags before shipping them to the restaurants. They're then re-heated in the bag, in hot (not boiling) water, and poured out into the trays.