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Is there anything the public (or more specifically 4th year medical student) can do to be more useful?

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My plan is to bring it in, straight into designated cupboards/ fridge shelf then wash hands and leave it for 3 days

Fingers crossed

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I'm a doctor in the uk (2nd year), becoming burnt out by the job. What are my career prospects like outside of being a doctor?

I've had part time jobs prior to medical school but have no particular alternative skill set.

Looking for a less stressful job with a reasonable wage £30,000 ish, in a medium sized English city but have no idea where to start.

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I don't know much about this so please could you explain how the is no "patriarchy" when in countries without large feminist movements (non-western countries like Saudi Arabia for an extreme example) then women seem to be opressed? Is it that feminism helped in the West and now it's succeeded and has gone too far?

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it's often called adjustment disorder