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I have to say that not all Serbs think this way. I lived in Belgrade for a while and many of the younger Serbs aren't like this. But on the other hand many others suffered family and friend deaths from Croat or Bosnians who invaded/ occupied their towns in Bosnia. And they still feel resentment from the horrors they suffered there too. A few are afraid to return to their old homes as that town is now void of any Serbians living there or they have no homes that remain standing.

While the Bosniaks might have gotten the worst of it they were not the only ones who suffered.

Sorry for all your losses and experiences. I love the Balkans and all the friends I have there. It's sad to see how recent the troubles are that have happened there.

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Ok. Well I guess I just read your posts and it seemed like you were saying all Serbs. It's so easy to generalize. I've also met many who deny what happened or who are happy with it. That sucks.

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I hope it goes without saying. But look at any conversation where one person is making a generalization about a group. There is always going to be somebody who wants to clarify that that isn't true for everyone. I think it is human nature for someone like me to say something because there will always be people who dont understand that it is not always true across the board. I know plenty of people like that. Even some Serbs who think that all Albanians are devils who traffic organs from kidnapped Kosovars.

There will always be some people who need that extra little bit of clarification.

Besides, why is it a bad thing that I make that clarification? Having a civil discussion can only help.

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None of my good friends in Belgrade were born there. Most were from small villages in Bosnia, one from Kosovo, a few from Montenegro and more from other places within Serbia. Some of these are young people who were driven from their homes to become refugees in Belgrade.

None of these people have any influence in what you are talking about. The only reason why Belgrade is relevant is because that's where they live now and where I met them.