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Pretty sure this was typed by a dog.

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I remember a meeting, when you were running for office, at the Steelworkers Union building in Elmira (I was the bald guy from Sikorsky) where one of the questions from the crowd was, "How do we win in Afghanistan?" Your answer was to pull a pen out of your suit jacket, hold it up, show it to the crowd and say, "Education." Then went on to explain. It was one of the best, most thoughtful responses to that question I have ever heard. Please run again.

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Matt, it is such crap, what they are doing to these folks who have given good service. This is the part where I mumble something about history and those doomed to repeat it. I may be looking too hard, but I see similarities between us leaving these guys out to burn, and us pretty much abandoning the Mujahideen after the Soviets left, pretty much opening up the country for the Taliban. This needs to get fixed now. Thank you for trying to show the world that not all Americans are uncaring dolts, who throw you away as soon as we are done with you.

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I have cruised on Disney twice, both out of Port Canaveral, Florida, and we had the mini escort machine gun boat each time. I just assumed it was an anti-terrorism thing, and busy work for the guys at the Coast Guard docks.