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Why is US politicians so preoccupied in fixing HK's issues instead of fixing America's problems at home? Does it have to do with the trade war?

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How to disarm a tear gas using a traffic one.

How to use umbrellas to hide someone getting their ass beaten from the cameras.

How to do hit-and-run tactics in many locations simultaneously to outmanuever police.

How to use encrypted Telegram messaging service to communicate and organize.

How to get the international community to weight in and apply political pressure.

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HK police are pretty lenient on bail and regularly release protesters off bail, they go protest again. This shows you how much reddit knows about Hong Kong.

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HK police operates separately from PLA army. China hasn't sent any army into HK protests, whereas US took only 2 days to mobolize the military.

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There is large overlap given 3 out of 5 demands of HK protesters are police-related or police-brutality related. HK protests has 1 demand for universial suffrage, but the main trigger of the protests was police-brutality allegations after extradition bill was shelved.