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You were President of the entire Federation. Why didn't you put a foot in the Klingon's asses when you had the chance?

In all seriousness, you had several Star Trek roles in multiple versions of the franchise. Do you have any great memories or stories from your Star Trek days?

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Hi Mr. Salvatore, I've been a longtime fan and am mod of /R/ASalvatore (/r/ASalvatore ) here on reddit. My questions for you today are: What is the current status of the long desired live action Drizzt Do'Urden movie finally being made? And if you could have a say in casting, who do you see playing the world's favorite dark elf? Thank you for many years of entertainment.

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Also the narrator of 1000 Ways To Die

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Did the Klansman express any gratitude to you for protecting him?

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Thank you for the reply and the AMA. Best of luck with the new release!