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The school taxes are high because other neighborhood children are not going to private school. If you go to private school, you make the choice to pay tuition. You still have to pay your taxes because you don't want your neighbors to grow into an uneducated voting populace with no prospects for jobs. We pay taxes for stuff we don't use all the time for social stability. That's the tradeoff for living in a civil society.

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If this extends longer, will Shoprite stop doing its Can-Can sale?

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Is TNR a thing in Sweden, or is the aim to put all trapped cats into homes? What differences do you feel from rescue organizations and shelters around the world (for example, I believe in the UK, they prefer owners allow their cats out, but US shelters strongly prefer cats to stay indoors unless they are working cats)?

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Thanks for replying, and thank you for all the work you do for these lovely creatures.