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Hello again Beckham, Florida gives you one free refusal, we suggest that you use it if you find yourself being asked to give one and you have been drinking enough to register on the instrument. Second refusal in FL is a Misdemeanor. FIrst offense you should refuse and make it harder for them to prove your guilt, my opinion....thanks for the question

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Hi Big Willy;

Once the first DUI is reduced it is done forever. They might treat you harder on the second arrest since it is really not your first, however. They will know that you got a berak the first time and will think that you didnt learn your lesson and treat you harder than the first time.

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They will not let you go. Whether you refuse or blow, the next stop is usually a holding cell at the Jail unless you are in the Hospital as a result of the incident

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Thank for the question. I would need to know more specifics about the case to give you a better answer. Generally, for a Reckless, there should not be any conviction or loss of license with a first offense reckless as opposed to a first offense DUI. Each case is different though...

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Count Drew; Not that familiar with this case but i would bet it was a combo of a rock star lawyer and good facts, with the possibility of some mistakes by the Police investigators thrown in. Any combo of these could do the trick!