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Most of the time it lasts a season, or they turn up with a DJ that actually does all the work.

I hate that shit. Its a mockery of the real DJs that put in the work, but we're in an age where people will pay to be in the same a 'celeebrity'. Right now, in this pandemic, DJing lives on Twitch. Follow Skratch Bastid, DJ Craze, Green Lantern, and Lil Jon. Ive watched more DJs than ever before.

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Jay-z. He's very cool. You learn from him when he speaks, as much as when you hear his music. Very inspiring person. Last time I interviewed him he said, 'We meet again, that means we're both doing something right, lol'. It's not something you would expect him to say.

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Pineapple on pizza, always.

The passing of MF Doom was tragic. Still pretty hard to comprehend. His whole career was challenging, but he turned it around. His art lives on. Rest in Beats MF Doom 🙏🏽

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i have no idea lol

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Never crossed my mind. And I had the namee before Call of Duty.

Flash Bang would make a great artist name. Someone should use that.