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Caverject is what Harvey Weinstein would use before he raped his victims. He used to send his assistants to pick it up and bring it to him. Not sure if he had them inject him with it- that would be sick but not surprising

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With all that has happened since the attacks on 9/11 (creation of Homeland Security, Patriot Act, NSA spying on citizens, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc), do you believe that it's possible another terror group could potentially organize and set off another attack on the same scale as the WTC attacks?

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Thanks for the reply. And yeah, I remember hearing about the Tampa treatment plant. I honestly don't think it got the coverage it deserved. There could be any number of reasons for that, though.

I agree with what you said, and I really think it's just a matter of time until something happens again. It may not be the work of a foreign terror group hijacking airplanes again, but with the way technology is progressing and the US seeming to not take cyber attacks as seriously as they should, one person anywhere in the world could be successful at something similar to the failed Tampa attack.

Back in May, Russian hackers broke into federal agencies. Back in July, hackers broke into over 200 US companies, between 800-1500 worldwide. 2 days ago, hackers shut down banks and post offices in New Zealand. I could go on and on; while I realize none of these lead to any deaths, my point is that I think the next big attack that DOES lead to deaths will be a hack of some kind, and I don't believe cyber security worldwide is taking it seriously enough.

Thanks for doing the AMA. Going to check out the podcast!

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Honestly he only makes "lowbrow" movies because he can and so him and his friends can go on vacation. I would do it too.

He's also a phenomenal actor when he chooses to be. Uncut Gems and Reign Over Me included some A+ acting from him.