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What do you think about the idea of you organising something like this and then a whole lot of people getting hurt because it escalated? Would you feel responsible? Given that none of the events would have transpired if it wasn't for your initial invitation? This feels like you're playing with fire, but you are not the most likely to get burned

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That's what separates the good scams from the bad ones. Iirc a famous con artist once said:

"I didn't take their money, they gave it to me"

Don't quote me on that, it could just as easily been in a movie or I might have made it up just now thinking I remembered it.

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I would be very interested if you could elaborate on this point. I always find the loopholes people make to be fascinating

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Find a grain of rice in a bowl of pasta

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You have those quantities backwards, lack of water will kill you before a lack of food