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I think you meant Mecha-chete!

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Unfortunately things haven't changed much. I know a guy who was stabbed at school with a steak knife. After he got out of the hospital he was suspended because his presence was "a distraction" to others.

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That would still be expensive. A quality safe is going to run you over $500 and up, and require a team of people to install. A cheap cabinet (commonly passed as a "safe" even though its made of sheet metal) is going to cost you $100-200. So unless the government is willing to reimburse you the difference, its not viable for most people.

I'm not against safe storage, but spending that kind of money isn't a feasible option for some people. When you spend $300 on a gun because thats all you can afford, you're not going to spend double that on a safe to store it in.

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The article never mentioned if he was a green card holder or not, though.

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my neighbors (adults and their teenage sons) uses to run an ethernet cable down the stairwell to play 8 player halo. each console was a team.