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I think part of the argument is that no one knew when this social media machine first started churning just how valuable our data would be. It has become more of a commodity the more we became interconnected through social media. So even if you agree to it, like you say it's not a good thing that the 1% in silicon valley should reap the rewards for something no one knew was even valuable at the time.

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Answer as little or as much as you like for this question:

Do you think social media has been a net gain or a net loss on western society? Taking in to account the positives such as instant, global communication and the ability to find like-minded individuals, as well as the negatives e.g troll farms and anti-vax.

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I consider myself pretty fortunate to have seen the direction Facebook and Twitter was headed about 5 years ago and noped the heck out of it.

I genuinely wish you success in this movement and I am all for people being in control of their data. If anyone should be profiting from analytics it's the people actually contributing to them and not the automated harvesters picking and sorting and spitting out a few graphs.