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Okay, I feel like this is a half baked idea. Get elected on a one issue referendum, get 50 other representatives elected on the same issue, and then hope you can squeeze a constitutional amendment through about that issue and then resign?

Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say that works, but what else are you going to do to stop corruption? It's not like we were free from corruption before Citizens United. What will your constitutional amendment look like so that it will not only halt unlimited corporate political donations, but aggressive lobbying, politicians serving on corporate boards after their term is over, and the countless other ways corporations and the 1% have found to control politicians?

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so Curiosity has found some trace evidence of water and has analyzed dozens of dirt samples. What are you guys hoping to find next? Do you have a goal in mind or is it simply exploration at this point?

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How did you get the internship? I heard that you really have to know people to get into a lot of the UN internships. Did you know someone? Know 20 languages? Bribes?