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LOL!!! You are officially my 3rd favorite person (of course, daughter and hubby come 1st and 2nd).

Thanks Tony!

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Have you had any encounters with ACT Therapy? Have you really seen the benefits of this being used to help EBOLA victims?

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Now that I have your attention hopefully, I wanted to ask what you recommend for someone who had a C-section and has hardened ligaments. I made it through one month of X3 but then fell off because I was a sad loser. But even after that month, my ligaments were still popping, particularly during YogaX.

Any recommendations for getting my core strength back?

Also, I am a Behavior Analyst by career, but I can't figure out how to self-manage my own behavior. How do you develop discipline when your a 30-year old? Isn't it too late???!