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It sort of sounds like you research tissue resident T cells. The papers you linked talk about gamma delta Tcells.

Why gamma delta over conventional T cells?

And how would a therapy using tissue resident T cells work? Do you inject them into the skin, into blood and they home to skin, how do you envision a therapy working?

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Sure. But I don’t think diet is a viable way to cure or effectively treat any cancer. At absolute best it may slow disease progression but that’s a far stretch from removing a tumour or a “cure”.

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Not OP but from the cancer immunology field. I have only seen one paper talking about ketogenic diet and they saw a type of leukemia was more aggressive for mice on a ketogenic diet. Soo yer

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Clearly I’m not OP but the only research I have seen on this was a paper which showed a type of leukemia got worse after a ketogenic diet. Was more agresssive.

I’m in the cancer immunotherapy field and I honestly don’t know of anyone investigating ketogenic diet as a means to treat cancer.

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No OP but can answer this. Majority of the immune response is against Neoantigens.