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you sound pretty woke

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Good luck with IB! That's so cool to hear other people internationally doing it. My friends at school are doing it, though this is year 12, our school has the IB program, and some talk about having about 14 exams for their finals, which is just freaking insane to me. I can't imagine doing that, plus with all the pressure of living in a very culturally pressured place like Syria. I don't know how you manage it, ATAR is hard enough. Not to put you off it. My friends are glad they chose that path.

I gotta phrase this as a quesiton, but I'm genuinely curious anyways, because about a third of our cohort does it now. However a few years ago almost no one did it, so how many people you know do IB at your school?

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Wouldn’t you have gone...quadrigliding? I’ll see myself out

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lol I thought about that list in the opposite order, but still thought about each one

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ngl he kind of looks like Mr. Bean and it's lowkey turning me on