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How annoying are shitty curb cuts? What most annoys about your chair that you wish you could change? What features would you add?

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Nope (fortunetly), just a mechanical engineer that somedays wishes I had the biomedical background to get into things like wheelchairs and prosthetics. It's not really side hustle sort of work.

I've had some experiences with shitty dropped curbs on my push bike, but at least I can get off and walk or just bunny hop up. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be otherwise. There was an episode on 99% invisible about the start of curb cuts in California in the 60's(?).

At least in most of the UK, you don't get snow like we do here in the mid West, USA. 60+ inches a year here.

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sure, but my biology is limited to what i need as an amateur athlete (cycling and cross country skiing), and I have basically zero Neuroscience knowledge (brain does stuff, and sends signals via nerves, don't hit your head too hard).

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not handicapped at all, but i will say that i notice this stuff for some reason. If you do work anywhere it snows, thinking about how the 16 year old that is told to go shovel the sidewalk will put the snow and making sure that there is a place for it where it will actually be out of the way. Same goes with the contractor snow plower. The last thing i suspect anyone wants to try and do is get a wheelchair up over a 6" tall drift from the snow plow.

Same goes for any sort of landscaping. Make sure it won't grow over the access on it's own.

way finding is also something I notice, and i can't say that all of the wheelchair accessible parking spots are the easiest things to find. If you can't see them from the entrance, then a directional sign probably would go a long way, but make sure it's somewhere someone can stop in their car and study it without holding up traffic.

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What's the biggest mistake most keen armatures make when training for endurance sports?