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What are your thoughts on the current trend of payed alpha games?

Obviously Valve is involved in it, since about half the games on the front page of Steam lately have been early access. Its been a huge success for some games like Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, and its great to be able to build a stong game community so early in the development process, but to many the system seems open to abuse, or even just a game winding up in run of the mill development hell. Does Valve have controls in place to protect its customers and ensure that developers do eventually deliver a product?

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In my experience in band in the higher grades, double reed players give the best head.

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A lot of native english speakers dont know that term.

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Hey, might be time to talk about the flaws in our voting system.

My preference is that you win, my second choice is the corrupt Dem, and my third (or bottom) choice is the Trump-supporting Republican.

Because that sounds like a reasonable way to set up a ballot.

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I think youve got it backwards, if you dont think thats a fair question to ask, youve never had the pleasure of working for a shitty company with shitty illegal policies.

Not all, not most, and not any huge companies like Starbucks or anybody who would be put under a microscope, but theres a lot of companies in america whos attitude towards most labor laws is "yeah its illegal, but we know we dont pay you enough to hire a lawyer, so what are you going to do about it?"