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Fixed: Please replace PayPal. Seriously.

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Pullups cant tell a whole lot without knowing your weight. You need to be able to move pretty high amounts of weight as full gear is quite heavy and if you gotta pull a 250lb dude out of a building it aint easy. But theres plenty of successful female firefighters out there. much respect to anyone who wants to go down that road. My father did it for a long time and really enjoyed it.

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Can you elaborate on your issues with 5e? My friends and I have been tabletopping since we met at the schoolyard a decade ago. We've tried 3.5, 4e, 5e, pathfinder, call of cthulhu, dark heresy, cyberpunk 2020 to name a few.

Pathfinder/3.5 was our go-to but 5e has been really fun so far. I'm curious what issues you have with it as I haven't played a full campaign of it yet.

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Is it true that the markup on TV/Laptops is miniscule? I got a TV on sale on boxing day. It was marked down to $650 from $800. I was third in line and they didn't have the TV advertised in the flier do they marked it down to $400. Was that actually a really good deal?

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/r/headphones They have links to tons of resources. Just dont be the next guy to ask "please tell me what headphone to buy" in it's own thread.

A lot of it will come down to sound preference and comfort.