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hehe, I did take flights between the continents :-)

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Hi there! When I left I had saved up enough money for one year of travelling (my daily budget is 20$). After the first year I worked on a cattle station in Australia to be able to continue. Finally I have done some freelance programming work while on the road.

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I was taking a 2 months break in Cali, Colombia where I got to know a beautiful Dutch girl who also liked to ride her bike :-) Later we cycled together through Morocco and Spain... Thanks for the nice comment :-)

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Haha, I did sit down on the "Forrest Gump bench" in Savannah, GA and told people who passed by some stories from life on the road :-) http://www.cyclingtheglobe.com/2015/08/day-1752-savannah-yemassee-into-the-woods/

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Hehe, I started with shorter distances and slowly increased the daily milage... After two months I didn't have more problems :-)