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Teach him braille and things like that now. It is so much easier when you are young, and then the transition won't be so frightening, because he will still be able to help himself.

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They eat all the other bugs you hate. You can get rid of them but you’d also be getting rid of a beneficial bug. Have you tried sticky traps (not recommended if you have large lizard/snake/woodland creature populations)? They aren’t very humane for small mammals and snakes but they work for bugs. If you have only a few areas you want to ensure stay clear indoors it may work for you. You can also try diatomaceous earth, which is harmless for humans. You’d dust it under any surfaces you are worried about, and it will affect any bug with an exoskeleton.

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Since you can’t kill them all off, it may be better to introduce a deterrent so they leave instead of sticking around. Have you considered odor based deterrents like cat scent products?

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Lol yes but my husband is allergic.

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I am very curious too. I read “Into the Grey Zone” which basically documents locked in syndrome and how they can tell it’s not a real coma, so I’m very curious what happened in his case.