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Are incidences of skin cancer more in the global north than the global south? I never applied sunscreen back home in Nepal (didn't even know what sunscreen was). I'm very fair, so is my entire family. Despite of being out in the sun almost all year long (35 C in the summer), none of us were ever sunburnt or even turned a shade dark. After 18 long years of no sunscreen+ no sunburns, my family and I move to Canada, and guess what happened the first summer? We all got massive sunburns. Now I don't go out anywhere without being slathered in sunscreen. It seems like the skies are clearer here (giving an illusion of less pollution), but UV rays are stronger.

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Hi, I read a research paper for a course that said nearly 35% of First Nations communities are geographically isolated with limited or no road access. These communities are also usually under drinking water advisories, do not have adequate healthcare or other basic services because of the geographic isolation. Do you think the Federal government should conduct a once-in-a-lifetime mass roads construction (as much as the terrain allows it) to connect these communities so that food/goods/transportation and other essential services can be driven in cheaper than flying them in?

Second question on a personal anecdote. An acquaintance of mine in Toronto grew up in a small First Nations community in the North (cannot remember the name unfortunately). We were discussing about the drinking water crisis and he explained that it is so cold all year round that the pipes are always frozen and are literally of no use. I'd never considered the climate before until he said that. How do you think this issue can be resolved in such communities? Thank you.