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CuntfaceMcgoober3 karma

Hey Mike, as a Marine officer (sounds like you were an officer for ~20 yrs based off of your ending rank) it was part of your job to follow the UCMJ and make sure your troops followed it. Two very important tenets of the UCMJ are the separation between the military and politics, and the obligation to follow the international laws of war

Given Trump's authoritarian tendencies and the attack on the integrity of our military (among many other institutions), I have two very urgent concerns:

-how does an aspiring officer (Army) such as myself safeguard the non political nature of the military and the laws of war from a commander in chief (hopefully it's someone else by the time I commission) who seems devoted to undermining these principles?

-In what ways can you use a victory over mitch McConnell to hold Trump more accountable for his attacks on our military specifically and our institutions in general?