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I read on the link about that :

Secondly, if it should happen, that the bottles are not collected after use, the fact that it is bio-degradable will act as a built in fail-safe mechanism ensuring, that the bottle decomposes to soil.”

What is the protocol for the bottles being collected? Would the new material breakdown affect how the bottle has to be recycled and therefore make it harder to recycle it in the first place? If so, would this not have an adverse effect with less recycling occurring?

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I'm not sure Carlsberg have a say in this. I would assume Wembley set these prices. Would be interested to know though.

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I wanted to thank you for the time spent researching and writing such a conclusive and insightful article and also for this AMA. Do you think there can be anything more that airline companies can do? You say it was 17 minutes before anyone noticed is had no signal on the radar? Can more be done tracking wise to mean that this cannot happen again in the future?

Thanks again.