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It was the most fun, scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. With all the drama in the background, the hardest thing was to focus just on the pool. We were for sure the underdogs, but we didn’t care, you put your hand on the wall🇺🇸!

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Yesterday, just kidding, or am I? 🧐

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My dad started me out playing basketball, if Swimming didn’t take over, I would either be a basketball player or a water polo player!

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Great questions a little over half 54% of people have little or no swim ability, and about 3,500 people drown a year. Drowning is at an epidemic level in the US, that's why swim lessons and the Make A Splash Initiative is so important.

A lot of the trick to butterfly is the rhythm and the strength of your dolphin kick. The stronger the kick, the easier it is to get your arms out and around. So work heavily on your kick!

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I’ve had many plateaus in my career and they can be extremely frustrating. Whenever I had a plateau, that is when I knew I needed to double down on my efforts to get better. Whether it was working on kick, recovery or etc. I knew I could beat it, I just had to believe and figure out a solution.