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Cuhlaymore_2 karma

Holy crap thank you so much for the reply! :D

I think with some clear expectations, and spending some more time on the learning side, I can forge an easier path for myself along with respecting my other priorities. That includes breaking things down to individual tasks, so it doesn't seem so overwhelming at times. :)

Thanks again man, and best of luck to you on your venture! I might consider subscribing as well in the future when I'm further along!

Cuhlaymore_1 karma

Hi Stephen and Dave! I appreciate you guys taking the time to do this AMA and I think it's incredible what you're building here for content creators, both old and new!

(also big fan of season 2 CLG EU :D)

I guess my question requires some context. I have wanted to create content related to gaming for a while now and I have a few ideas. I've also laid out a basic format for a podcast that I have wanted to do, because I as well as several friends always enjoy talking about games and the various gaming communities that we are part of (including League!). I have even tried dipping my toes into streaming with speedrunning!

However, I haven't been very consistent in working toward these goals I have. I guess I'm finding it difficult to put the time into everything I want to do. There are a lot of factors to this certainly... such as my day job, having no energy at the end of the day after work, relax with other games (perhaps putting too much time into them!), recently having bought a house to live in that I have to maintain, and that's not to mention other personal details like depression and family/relationship stuff. I've tried making a sort of schedule in the past or a plan to do even something small every day to work toward stuff, but they would always fall through.

With everything that's going on in my life at the moment, understandably I have to prioritize certain things, but part of me feels like that I may not have the discipline or even a realistic amount of time and dedication to put toward being a content creator or a streamer.

All that said, I suppose all that I'm wondering is what your thoughts on this are. I think there's probably a fine line between balancing your life with being self-employed in this manner, and perhaps it's true that it can't be for everyone in their different paths in life, but as someone who really wants to give this a shot, what do you think I should do?

I look up to people like you guys in so many ways, and I'm super happy to see your success here! Thank you for your time if you see my message! :D