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This AMA is making you guys look really bad. I'm so sick of people coming here to do an AMA and then not actually answering the uncomfortable questions we upvote. Wiki leaks is starting to seem like the kind or organizations you claim to fight against. If you guys don't act transparently yourself how can we trust any of your information to be unbiased and true? Assange has already been caught lying multiple times recently. You guys are powerful, so release his emails and prove to us you guys are truly about honesty and transparency.

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I've never met a person who pays money for porn. I don't even understand how these people make money. There's already enough free porn that if it was never made again you could still probably watch 10+ videos a day without ever running out.

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I work at a wildlife rehab clinic sometimes and you'd be surprised how many people think it's a good idea to raise baby animals they find. Most of them mean well and love animals, they're just uneducated on the subject and don't realize how much work it is. People will even try to raise coyote pups and as if they where dogs. The one I work at is unusual in that they actually have a large area where we keep animals unable to be released for whatever reason, most of them are imprinted or they wouldn't be able to handle being around people all the time but many also have injuries. Most imprinted animals won't be able to survive in the wild so unless you are well trained and in it for life it is a terrible idea to do it with any wild animal.

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I’m sure the poor vision sucks but your eyes are a very pretty color

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Well thizz is what it is so not like anyone can help it. Eventually everyone’s getting stoopid, ghost riding their whip on the bay bridge at 4AM on their way to the sideshow.