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Jesus, I know my fair of eccentric rich people, I too, have worked for quit a few of them. Some are Really great people, and then there's the other ones. The ones that wish, at least subconsciously, that could still own slaves. Basically, they haven't EVER done any kind of manual labor, and act like they live on a fucking plantation. One lady I worked for had about a 6 acre yard. I had to spread fertilizer and ant-poision over it, With a hand-spreader, the kind with the crank, that you Carry with 30-50 lbs on your chest and stomach. It was August, about 104F everyday. I started hallucinating the second day, and as soon as I sat down to drink some water, and figure out what was real in my field of vision. BAM, she'd come out and tell me I needed to work faster, or she wasn't gonna pay me. I was 15, and she paid 4.50-5.00, an hour. Seveteen years, and I think she's still the worst one.

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She's an aquainttence of my Mom. So, yeah had to deal with her shit off and on for years before my mom believed me. That only happened when she finally heard someone else say the same thing. Now, we somehow ended up caring for one her elderly horses. In this instance it's ok, b/c the only time she ever shows up is to drop off a couple sacks of feed every few months (The 2 old mares, eat 6 -50lb sack in about a month). Whatever, I don't have to talk to her at least.

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I'm working on becoming a Merchant Marine. I like ships. I think you made me even plan a trip on a Tallship now. Thanks for all the info.