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CrystalVivian816 karma

How do you guys feel about speedrunners and dataminers completely destroying the game? We've found multiple oob tricks and we are able to skip almost half the game with them. Also for dataminers (like myself), how do you feel about us decompiling and reading through the code. Personally, I'm still working on re-enabling the molstrom fight that you guys buried, but we would probably need to access the .xnb files first, and I haven't figured that one out yet.

-CVivian (Hi Adrian!)

EDIT: Best devs ever.

CrystalVivian10 karma

We have a discord used mostly for speedrunning. Maybe I'll ask our head owl to add a datamining channel.

EDIT: PDB file? That could be really useful. Time to buy another copy of Owlboy!