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Crucifritz5 karma

That's cool indeed! That and the fact you're sometimes forced to smuggle already make me like the base rules more than Sheriff :)

I also just now got the connection between the name of your brand, your real-life profession and the soda theme! :O mind blown

Somehow I always had a bat in mind when thinking about bitewing....don't ask me why^

Crucifritz3 karma

Aw yisss, that's awesome to hear! I always loved the core loop of sheriff but felt it ran too long and felt bloated at times. I also love the fact you are sometimes forced to smuggle in Soda Smugglers if I understand that correctly! :) And I love the Lemur easter egg! :)

The highest card not always winning and some push your luck mechanics all sound amazing too, overall I am really excited for the collection. Getting all three!

Crucifritz3 karma

Hello there! :) I have two questions: Firstly, I've seen soda smugglers compared to Sheriff of Nottingham a lot, do you feel the same? Also, are there other games you that could be compared to the other Capers mechanically? ( Ok, ok that was a two-part question...but who's counting right?) And Secondly: In the podcast Dr.Rainer mentioned a particular monkey....curiously one of the Investigators looks a lot like said animal. Could you tell me a littlemur about that?