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Are you into Native literature? If so who are your favorite? I a huge fan of Leslie Marmon Silko, Sherman Alexei, and Louise Erdrich.

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That whole time period in general. The Japanese were raping and pillaging all over Manchuria a few years before hand. Such a horrifying time.

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I'll also toss in Killarney and the Dingle peninsula. Those were my favorite parts while i was over there. Killarney National Park is heavenly. Limerick was quite boring tbh.

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I absolutely love Sherman Alexie. Are there any other Native authors you'd recommend? Leslie Marmon Silko and Louise Erdrich are some other amazing authors I've read.

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No, I haven't. I'm serving in the Peace Corps on the other side of the world and getting English books isn't easy. It's on my huge list of books to read.